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  • How long will my hair extensions last?
    The durability of Raw Hair can last btw 3-6 years with proper care. We provide authentic unprocessed Raw Hair extensions, Guranteeing minimal shedding, no tangling, and longevitiy. The life span on Brazilian hair is 1-2 years approximately with proper care.
  • How many bundles should I purchase?
    With 3 bundes anywhere from 12-18" your weave will be full, flowy, and glamorous. If your Sew in is starting with lengths over 20 inches, you might want to consider 4 bundles.
  • Are the closures and lace frontals HD?
    All of our closures and frontals are HD meaning when appplied they will melt directly into your skin leaving a more realistic appearance.
  • What hair products should I use to shampoo or co-wash my hair extensions?
    The product we recommend is going to be our go to Moroccan Oil, hydrating shampoo and also moisture conditioner. This is the best we've came across. It leave the hair squeky clean allowing it to bouce back literally after the first shampoo. Any Moroccan Oil shampoo/conditioner will be a great product to use on your virgin or raw hair extensions. Following behind with a hair polisher of your choice to add shine to your hair.
  • Should I wrap my hair up at night?
    Absolutley! Sleeping with a silk scarf or bonnet will become your best friend, you want to be sure you don't make your hair extensions ruff or tangled. So, please wrap your hair at night to keep them looking and feeling soft.
  • Do you accept Cash App, Zelle or Paypal?
    Yes! Zelle: Cash App: $Modesttype1of1 Paypal: EXQUISITEPAYMENTS@GMAIL.COM

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